Ear mites..UGH!

I don’t hate my mum but I do hate having my ears cleaned. When I first went to live with her she went on and on about my ears. I know they smelt a little and certainly itched but they had been like that for a long time. Would mum listen, NO.? Going on and on about ear mites. So came about my first trip to the vets. I really enjoyed the car ride, as we walk everywhere normally – mum said I had to lose weight. My time in the rescue I never walked anywhere the nice lady always put me in a push chair when we were going out. I have now lost 2 kilos; I am 6kilos now only another 500 grams to lose. Back to the vets he told mum that I didn’t have ear mites but really really dirty ears. He cleaned them a bit, made me cry. Then he gave mum some special cleaner – she found a more natural one from the internet and she cleaned my ears every 2 days – but she never made me cry. I still have problems with lots of wax but nothing like what it was; mum says the cleaner really helps keep the infections away.  I can hear better now as well, which is good because I can hear the bell on his collar when that pesky, err, I mean my friend Thomas tries to sneak up on me. Mum also had me chipped and I had some injections and blood tests. Not nice but important I was told so I would not get sick or make my friends sick. I now have my own passport so if mum ever decides to move back to the UK I can go with her. Mum says I have to write about my injections in the next post because they are very important.

American cocker spaniel showing off those gorgeous droopy ears that can be troubled with infections
This is me and my super clean ears!!

Dogs and Cats – living together

When I first came to live with my mum and Thomas it was really scary. I didn’t know what was happening. This strange Lady (now my mum) kept stroking me and talking in a lovely quiet voice – even when I had an accident! I am clever she says because I only ever had the one accident in the house. I am so clever she thinks but I know I now have a home and you take care of your own den. Thomas and I kept very much apart at the beginning, I was afraid of him but he just watched me, didn’t attack me and bite me. Mum used to stroke him as well as me and gradually we could be in the same room together and now we are friends. My mum reads a lot from this machine she says it’s very helpful, she says this site gave her ideas to help me and Thomas be friends.

Cocker spaniel and cat at play together
Thomas and Lokma

When I first came to my new home, I was a bit scared of everything, so many new things. My food came in a bowl!! Really I didn’t know you had to eat out of it. At the centre I had to hide all my food so the other dogs would not eat it all. I also had to eat quickly or they stole it. It took mum 3 days to persuade me to eat out of the bowl, still not sure why she was upset when I hid the chicken meat under the pillow – I thought it was such a safe place to put it. I know now, so I only hide my treats when she gives them me. I have a great place under the rug except that pesky oops friend of mine sometimes like to play with them to annoy me…I don’t mind sharing though. Mum sat on the floor with me every meal time and handed me my food, she encouraged me to eat it there then she showed me the food in the bowl. As I am clever I soon learnt. Mum was really clever too; she got me a bowl in a stand so my ears could keep out of my food. Go mum…

Raised dowl bowl to help dogs with droopy ears getting them in their food
My food and water bowls