My Vet Visit

Cocker spaniels using car harnesses

Well I am not too sure about my new friend, Vet! Mum took me to visit him last week. We went on a car ride and she told me I behaved very well. I stayed on the back seat where I was told too, although I can’t see why I can’t sit on her knee, there is a much better view from there.  Mum asked me to write on here does anyone have any experience with car harnesses? If so can they let her know which ones they would recommend, it seems she can’t find one she likes.  So went to visit her friend Vet; mum told me I would really like him and he would give me my injections.  I didn’t know what they were but they sounded really important. Well it was ok at first, lots of ladies came to pat me and tell me I was lovely, now who doesn’t like that. One lady even gave me a treat, well she gave it mum and she gave it to me – she told me it was special chocolate for doggies. Apparently the chocolate she eats could really harm me if I ate it so she hides it very high up so I can’t reach it.  I had just settled down for a snooze when I heard my name called and we went into another room, it sort of echoed in there and there was this big metal table which mum sat me on. A man came in and he and mum chatted and I heard ‘important she has injections’ I thought that might be like the treats in the other room. It wasn’t! Mum and the man talked really nice to me and then he held my neck and I felt a sharp prick. It hurt and I whimpered, mum stroked me and said I would be fine…huh I am not sure and then the vet gave me something yucky to eat but said it would make me feel so much better. Don’t know what worms are but maybe he should give it to them next time instead of me and then he put something sticky on the back of my neck. To top all of that he poked in my ears and looked at my teeth. Nope not impressed! Then as we were going out the door, and I was thinking ” great all over”  he said see you in 3 months for your chip!!. Oh no!!