My ‘season’


Me and my Lady Pants special made to measure pants for when your dog has its season
Me and my Lady Pants

I have had a bit of a miserable month, I have been having my “season” not quite sure what that is but I am not a happy doggie. I feel miserable and uncomfortable and not been getting our long walks on the beach. Mum says that is because the beach dogs will not leave me alone. I may be small but I am fierce and if they bother me too much I will bite their nose but mum does not want trouble, so lots of little walks!!  Mum also made me wear a funny outfit, now I know she does not like dressing me up so I was not sure why I had to wear these but she told me it help protect her furniture from my ‘season’.  I am very good a keeping myself clean but mum has new furniture and carpets and did not want them marking. I won’t tell her but it was quite comfortable to wear as she had it specially made for me  and I heard her saying she was ordering another one for me for my next season – apparently I have two of them a year. Mum orders mine from Glenndarcy dog Pants and they are really well made. Mum does not want me to have babies and I am to have an operation soon but as I was too overweight when I came to mum I have had to lose weight before I can have the operation. Apparently I was so cute everyone used to give me treats like cake and sugar cubes but mum won’t let me have any but the special ones she buys. I miss my cakes and treats but I like all the special cuddles and attention more.

More designer dog pants from Glenndarcy dog Pants company
For those who like fancy pants!



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