Dog Wars

This is not a topic any humane and loving pet owner wants to address however, the truth is without empathetic folks like us illegal dog fighting will never end. The dogs that are rescued after a tip-off are frightened, nervous and some permanently wounded. It takes a very special human to gain their trust.

Mankind has been using animal fighting as entertainment as far back as the Romans invasion of Britain and surely proceeding. Lions, tigers, bulls, bears and yes, what most of us consider, man´s best friend the most domesticated of canines, the family dog.

In Roman times the Italians, especially the elite had a rather ostentatious vision of the role of the estates hound. The Canes Pugnaces, known commonly as the common Rottweiler was both a status symbol and a dog used for entertainment. Fortunately the entertainment in 43 A.D. and the entertainment standards now are very different.

Ancient Roman Dog Fighting

Fast forward to modern times. Illegal as it may be, dog enslavement and dog fighting rings are still very much a horrific global issue. Thankfully groups are forming around the world to help find these abused and neglected dogs proper homes. It is important to remember that adopting a shelter dog and adopting a dog who is known to come from an abusive background requires a very different approach. But help with financing can be found via mobile.

Together we can end illegal dog fighting. If you suspect a dog is being abused be sure to call your local animal welfare office or your community police. It´s never ok to abuse any animal. Some things in history are meant to remain there, and dog fighting is one.