Getting rid of Dog Ticks

Dog Tick removal

My mom is my full time companion and my best friend. She wants to be with me all the time and I love her for that. Recently I had an issue with ticks. There were lots of these bugs all over my skin. I hated the sight and was struggling with the itch these awful creatures were causing. Mom took me to a vet and he resolved the issues and also gave mom some simple tips for removing them. He also warned that these ticks can very easily cause serious health problems for me and mom. Using these tips helped mom to remove the ticks from my skin with precision causing very less pain. I wanted to share these awesome tips with you all there. Here are the tips:

  • Remove the ticks while wearing Gloves – Always wear gloves while removing ticks. Ticks can  also bite humans and cause very serious infection. Wearing gloves will protect you.
  • Use light tweezers to tug away – Use tweezers that are used in surgery. Catch hold of the tick and tug gently. Never pry away forcefully. This can cause the tick head to remain and cause infection. Keep on tugging gently and the tick will loosen and ultimately lose its grip on the dog’s skin.
  • Kill and store in alcohol – Put the tick in alcohol. It will kill the bug and you can keep it stored to take it to the vet. Identifying the type of tick is essential for the treatment that follows.