Tips to avoid dog collar injuries

Dog collar injuries

I think that my Mum likes her friend the Vet a lot because we went to see him again today! I don’t normally like going, but today it was great because I got a present on the way home. The Vet told my Mum I was suffering from dog collar injuries and to put my neck collar in the bin. Now I have a brand new, beautiful dog harness. It’s super comfortable, doesn’t hurt my neck and very proud of it I am too! As you know, I love my walks every day. The problem is that I don’t always want to go in the same direction as my Mum does. I get exhausted pulling on the leash sometimes because I smell something really interesting or I want to chase after a cat. The Vet told us that normal dog collars are the cause of many injuries to dogs. I knew this all along because quite often my neck hurts and it makes me cough. Anyway, this is what the Vet told my Mum. Dog collar injuries from leash pulling can include: Thyroid Damage – consistent trauma can eventually lead to inflammation and bruising of the thyroid.Ear And Eye Damage – restriction of the blood flow to the eyes and ears can cause swelling or permanent injury.Nerve Damage to the front legs – can cause your dog to start paw licking due to the tingly feeling in their front paws.Neck Damage – constant lead pulling can actually give your dog a whiplash injury.Tracheal Damage – constriction of the trachea can cause problems and eventual tracheal collapse. So I hope that you now understand like my Mum that dog collars are the cause behind many dog injuries. It’s important that your dog is as comfortable and protected as me. Now let’s go for another walk!


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