A dog's dinner

A dog’s dinner: Take me with you to the pub!

As a dog owner you are filled with joy every time your dog tucks into his or her food. It is for this reason that you go out of your way to ensure that your dog feeds well and on time. A dog’s dinner includes a healthy serving of quality dog food and supplements. You can substitute dog food with fresh meat for the occasional change. Fresh meat has a high water content compared to typical dog food, and that’s good for your dog’s health. A dog’s dinner should also include plenty of fresh water for proper digestion. You can manage all this from the comfort of your home, but what if you plan to go to the pub and you don’t want to leave your dog behind? There are a lot of dog-friendly pubs that you can go to and your dog will be comfortable and well fed there. These pubs have food that you can feed your dog. They are quite spacious as well, so your dog is free to move around.