My ‘season’


Me and my Lady Pants special made to measure pants for when your dog has its season
Me and my Lady Pants

I have had a bit of a miserable month, I have been having my “season” not quite sure what that is but I am not a happy doggie. I feel miserable and uncomfortable and not been getting our long walks on the beach. Mum says that is because the beach dogs will not leave me alone. I may be small but I am fierce and if they bother me too much I will bite their nose but mum does not want trouble, so lots of little walks!!  Mum also made me wear a funny outfit, now I know she does not like dressing me up so I was not sure why I had to wear these but she told me it help protect her furniture from my ‘season’.  I am very good a keeping myself clean but mum has new furniture and carpets and did not want them marking. I won’t tell her but it was quite comfortable to wear as she had it specially made for me  and I heard her saying she was ordering another one for me for my next season – apparently I have two of them a year. Mum orders mine from Glenndarcy dog Pants and they are really well made. Mum does not want me to have babies and I am to have an operation soon but as I was too overweight when I came to mum I have had to lose weight before I can have the operation. Apparently I was so cute everyone used to give me treats like cake and sugar cubes but mum won’t let me have any but the special ones she buys. I miss my cakes and treats but I like all the special cuddles and attention more.

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Harness or Collar?

Collar or harness: which is kinder?
Photo credit: Funky Tee / Foter / CC BY-SA


My walks are going better.

I remember going for walks wearing a leather collar. Anytime I was distracted from my business, I could count on a quick yank to get me back on track. my neck got sore, and I felt like I was choking every time that happened. The one blessing was that I wasn’t wearing a choke chain. My friend, a Doberman, said that most pet parents don’t use choke chains correctly, but they eventually learn to snap the rings right at the base of the skull, as intended. In the meantime, walks are punctuated with wheezing and strangulation.

Last year, I got a new harness! Now, I  walk wearing my muzzle harness, instead of a collar. I can still smell the neighbors and I still get distracted, but my reminders are gentler as I can feel the slightest bit of pressure when I need to get back to business. No more being yanked out of my skin! While I enjoy the muzzle harness, I really want a snazzy body harness. A body harness will let me bark, a little, and licking my nose will be much easier.

The best thing about harnesses? There is no friction on my neck, so my bald spots filled in and I have an uninterrupted, shiny coat.

Would you switch your pet to a harness, or will you keep using the collar and leash?