Bring you Pet Indoors


Smarty pants for dogs now on sale with poppers not velcro
New smarty pants for dogs

Now as you all know humans just do not communicate like we do (pause for a funny image of humans sniffing each others bums) and by the way I sniff you to identify you and normally the crotch cause I cannot reach anywhere else! that is how we identify each other by being nasally orientated. You humans can shake hands or look at each others faces, we sniff.  My mum was discussing this with a neighbour who has just taken a rescue dog in and was concerned she was not understanding it. My mum told this lady about an excellent article that describes the way we communicate.

Well it is that month again, short walks and mum having me on the short lead ‘my season’ again! Mind you I have some new comfy pants from Glendarcy Dog Pants, they have a new and exclusive design with poppers which both my mum and I prefer and they are in a lovely shade of pink. You might even have seen them if you watch Eastenders, Lady Di the bulldog from the pub was wearing them in an old episode. Mum bit of an Eastenders addict.

Before I end the post today I want to remind all you lovely dog owners that it is winter and if you could not sleep outdoors in the cold and wet maybe even snow neither can we. Bring us indoors when it gets too cold and please remember to give us fresh unfrozen water to drink if we have to be outside.

If its too cold for you then it is too cold for you pet... Bring them Indoors
Brrrrrrr (by the way this is not me just some poor dog someone photographed)

Hair Trims and Troubles

I do like going to the vet, because when I come back, I feel nicer and I know it is good for me and my health. That is what my mum always says- at least when she is driving me to the vet for my injections, and does not want me to be scared. She always says that when she is taking me to get my ears checked, or for injections that I have to get every now and then, but not when I’m going to get what she calls a “hair trim”.

I don’t understand why- my mom bathes and combs me before the hair trim and after. So, I never actually see the difference, but mum is always punctual about getting my hair cut. She drives me to the vet, but not the same person who gives me the injections that are supposed to keep me healthy. She takes me to another person, who cuts my hair and my nails.

Dog grooming

I dislike being here more than at the injection place- after all, there, mum is still with me. When I’m getting my hair trimmed and nails trimmed so often, I’m just left alone, along with the person who is doing my “grooming” as mum calls it sometimes. This makes me feel quite sad and nervous- what if mum has left me here, and this lady was supposed to be my new mum?

But, soon, my mum does come back, and I am happy.

Till the next trip for a hair trim, at least.

Shaggy my best friend

Dog is the best friend

I am really a very dog person, and cannot live without my dog Shaggy. He is my life, a mastiff who is the most beautiful creature in the world for me. He really makes my life complete. Let me tell you a story where Shaggy is the hero. This is the favorite story of my kids. My son has even drawn a drawing of the story. It adorns the walls of my son’s room even today when he is a teenager.

Shaggy is a good dog and brings newspaper from the garden daily and wakes me up. One day he did not come back and I was asleep. I woke up startled when sun came on face through the window. I called shaggy but there was no sound. I went outside and saw Shaggy lying and very still. I was really taken aback and called him. He moved but was not ready to move from the place. My son was playing there and Shaggy was making a very  animal like sounds like”Grrrrr”. I moved towards him and saw a python of almost 7 feet just besides the fence where he was standing. He was actually protecting my son. The python could have harmed it as it was stronger than the dog. However a dog’s nature rules over natural instincts. It will protect the master even putting himself in danger. That is unlike animals, who prefer to avoid danger. Indeed Dogs are unique and Shaggy my darling is the best.