Shaggy my best friend

Dog is the best friend

I am really a very dog person, and cannot live without my dog Shaggy. He is my life, a mastiff who is the most beautiful creature in the world for me. He really makes my life complete. Let me tell you a story where Shaggy is the hero. This is the favorite story of my kids. My son has even drawn a drawing of the story. It adorns the walls of my son’s room even today when he is a teenager.

Shaggy is a good dog and brings newspaper from the garden daily and wakes me up. One day he did not come back and I was asleep. I woke up startled when sun came on face through the window. I called shaggy but there was no sound. I went outside and saw Shaggy lying and very still. I was really taken aback and called him. He moved but was not ready to move from the place. My son was playing there and Shaggy was making a very  animal like sounds like”Grrrrr”. I moved towards him and saw a python of almost 7 feet just besides the fence where he was standing. He was actually protecting my son. The python could have harmed it as it was stronger than the dog. However a dog’s nature rules over natural instincts. It will protect the master even putting himself in danger. That is unlike animals, who prefer to avoid danger. Indeed Dogs are unique and Shaggy my darling is the best.