On Fostering…

Think seriously about doing this, it is so rewarding on mnay levels

The Imperfect Dog

I am a huge advocate of fostering for several reasons:

  • The obvious: You are actively and literally saving an animal’s life
  • You can gain experience in lots of different training and behavior scenarios
  • You’re giving back to the community and putting things in perspective
  • If you’re looking for an animal to adopt, you can foster until you find the one that fits into your home perfectly
  • It’s rewarding and fulfilling on it’s own and it can make you feel good about yourself
  • You meet and make friendships with other local animal lovers.
  • You get to meet a lot of different animals that are complete sweethearts.

The list goes on, but I’m sure you get the idea.

People frequently say that they could never foster–honestly, fostering is a personal choice and it’s not always easy. But most of the time it’s not that they can’t, it’s that they won’t–or they don’t…

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Dog Wars

This is not a topic any humane and loving pet owner wants to address however, the truth is without empathetic folks like us illegal dog fighting will never end. The dogs that are rescued after a tip-off are frightened, nervous and some permanently wounded. It takes a very special human to gain their trust.

Mankind has been using animal fighting as entertainment as far back as the Romans invasion of Britain and surely proceeding. Lions, tigers, bulls, bears and yes, what most of us consider, man´s best friend the most domesticated of canines, the family dog.

In Roman times the Italians, especially the elite had a rather ostentatious vision of the role of the estates hound. The Canes Pugnaces, known commonly as the common Rottweiler was both a status symbol and a dog used for entertainment. Fortunately the entertainment in 43 A.D. and the entertainment standards now are very different.

Ancient Roman Dog Fighting

Fast forward to modern times. Illegal as it may be, dog enslavement and dog fighting rings are still very much a horrific global issue. Thankfully groups are forming around the world to help find these abused and neglected dogs proper homes. It is important to remember that adopting a shelter dog and adopting a dog who is known to come from an abusive background requires a very different approach. But help with financing can be found via mobile.

Together we can end illegal dog fighting. If you suspect a dog is being abused be sure to call your local animal welfare office or your community police. It´s never ok to abuse any animal. Some things in history are meant to remain there, and dog fighting is one.

Heartworm in Dogs

Look after you dog and prevent them from being infected with heartworm
Mosquitos cause Heartworm

My mum had me visit her friend again this week, the vet, not sure he is my friend as he does some strange things to me and injects me. This week mum wanted to talk about heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) and the problems it can cause for dogs and what she could do about it. I think the recent adverts on the TV have got her thinking.

Apparently heartworm is a nasty infection that mainly affects dogs but some cats too. You get infected via mosquitos and apparently show no real symptoms for a while until the larvae matures, one of the first signs being a cough after exercise and also becoming very tired after exercise. My mum is concerned because I lived out in the open at the shelter the first 18 months of my life and there were lots of mosquitos. I sleep a lot and get tired very easily, but I am only little and as the vet says a little overweight!! My mum has been really strict with my food and no treats except for teeth cleaning chews but she was away for 3 weeks and my dad spoils me, oh he got into so much trouble when she came back but I like his treats !

The vet took some blood and we have to go back in a week but he thinks I am fine -so do I, but he gave my mum lots of literature and told her to read up and he would discuss what to do when my results came back but there are two types of preventative treatment, a topical one for the skin or a 6 monthly injection – I hope my mum does not choose the injection. I heard her telling my dad that prevention is way better than cure, I agree do not like the sound of being so poorly. Apparently us poor dogs can also get a few other ‘worms’  my mum has printed out a list of them with signs and symptoms from a  really good site she found online although I get preventative treatment for most of them from her friend the vet so I guess other than being a bit fat I am fairly healthy, will know for sure next week when we (sigh) go again.