Christmas Grooming

I have had an interesting week, I got a haircut and a present. Not sure about either!  The haircut took forever. First of all mum gave me a bath, I don’t like water and mum doesn’t like me sharing it with her when I shake. Then we went into the conservatory and mum dried me with her hair dryer, now that was fun. Then she fastened me up so I couldn,t wander around. Then she put on her computer and kept going backwards and forwards to look at it. Apparently it was a lady giving instructions on how to groom me, to make me look pretty. Mum was saying she wants to learn how to do it properly but as there are no classes she is using the internet, they have grooming videos on there!  My ears are now a lot lighter. Mum was saying she needs to buy some curved scissors, so my feet will look just as nice as my ears. There was so much hair everywhere, but mum had a small vacuum handy and kept cleaning it up. I think it was a good idea she fastened me as I wanted to sit down and then she would never have finished “grooming me” it seemed to take hours and I wanted my biscuits but she did keep giving me treats. I like them and she says they are good for my teeth.

My present was a Santa coat, neither mum nor I liked it very much but I did like the neck scarf, felt very smart wearing it. I don’t think I will be wearing the hat, nice and soft for lying on though.

Spaniels wearing their Christmas Hats