Grooming Salons: Finding the Right One for Your Pet

Grooming Salons: A Spa Day for Your Dog

Do you prefer to groom your cat or dog yourself or have someone else do it? I have done it both ways and I will be honest, I prefer to use grooming salons. And did you know that there are mobile pet salons that come right to you? The idea is great and very convenient but I prefer taking the mess away from home. That’s why I use a pet salon. Grooming salons in the UK are not regulated, however, they do have to provide for your pet’s needs while in their care under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The British Dog Groomers’ Association can also provide further information regarding what kind of licensing and regulations to look for. The RSPCA website is also a useful resource to help find the right groomer for your pet. And lastly, you can also do an internet search of pet salons in your area along with getting recommendations from other pet owners and friends. You know you’ve found the right one when your cat or dog is happy to go to the salon. I started taking my dog when she was really young in order to get her used to the process. I made it a fun affair with rewards and play so taking her there has never been a problem. In fact, I think she looks forward to her ‘spa’ day. I’ve heard that at Home opening new stores all over the country, which I think is great. The Pets at Home store I’ve been using this past year offers great grooming services. The staff are professional and friendly and my dog goes in wagging her tail. The reasonable prices make me happy too. Let’s hope your pet is as happy as mine to visit the ‘spa’!